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Financial Terminology and Jargon

Finances are not easy for many people, and the prevalence of financial jargon does not improve the situation. The world of finances is so complex that many people decide it is easier to leave it all to chance--which is usually not the best course of action. They do not budget, monitor their spending, invest in savings and retirement plans or stocks, etc. However, financial jargon does not have to be as scary as it sounds. It can be figured out and understood; in fact, all the people who are financial experts and who understand the jargon understand it only by gradual learning and experience.

Clues about Financial Jargon

Financial jargon and its history really is an interesting topic. Many people say that the distinctive terms developed as a way to separate the rich class of people from the others, creating a unique money language that only those with money could understand. Even if this is partly true, however, it does not completely describe the presence of unfamiliar words and terms. The development of this financial jargon most likely occurred naturally as new ways of communicating were needed to address this unique aspect of society.

One amusing thing about financial jargon is that it is not always as dry and uninteresting as people may think. Financial jargon is influenced, like other language and jargon, by pop culture. There are many financial terms now that refer to elements that are well-known in popular culture in order to describe something in finances. An example is using the term "Bo Derek" to describe a perfect stock. Because of the influence of pop culture in financial jargon, it means that everyone--even those who are trained in the area--has to continually stay up-to-date on the emergence of the latest terms and their meaning. Understanding financial jargon, then, is a continual learning process.

If you are interested in finances, you should not let financial jargon intimidate you. Anyone who is experienced or working with money and finances can probably give you explanations and advice. There are also many different books and websites that are very helpful in understanding financial terms and phrases. Online dictionaries allow you to look up specific terms that may be unfamiliar, and other sites offer a brief introduction of what you should know about the complex world of money and finance. If you are willing to put a little effort into learning the necessary jargon and terminology, finances will no longer be something that is mysterious and confusing.

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