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Quizes that Test Finance Smarts

Finance quizes can serve a variety of purposes. There are many different kinds of quizes that assess or examine all types of financial aspects. With the widespread availability of informal finance quizes, it is easy to take one every now and then, either to gain information or just for the fun of it. Some quizes will try to convey financial wisdom and advice through the questions and answers, while others will prompt you to examine your own financial situation and possibly make some long-due changes to your money habits or attitudes. Here are some examples of finance quizes that you might want to try.

Finance Quizes: Three Types

There are an endless number of informal finance quizes that you can easily find on the Internet. Some are just fun and simple, testing your knowledge about finances and money without really having any significant impact on your life. For example, it is not uncommon to find short little quizes on holiday tipping, love and money, money manners, etc. Although these quizes do have some educational value, they do not necessarily relate to your personal money management.

Some financial organizations or companies have created other financial quizes, however, that assess your finances and money habits. Depending on who made the quiz, these assessment tools can be very valuable as they make you aware of money problems within your life. However, be sure to confirm that the quiz comes from a reliable source before you follow any of its advice or make any financial changes based on the quiz’s answers. These types of quizes generally deal with topics like loans, savings accounts, credit card habits, spending habits, etc.

A third kind of finance quiz is more formal and can have a greater impact on your life and future. Generally given by a financial institution, these “quizes” are usually referred to as assessments. Based on the answers to their questions, your financial fitness is determined in relation to securing a loan, getting a credit card, receiving high or low credit card rates, etc. These quizes are not the fun type because the answers are not up to you—they are based on the numbers and financial history in your record—and they can seriously impact your financial future.

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